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Cristin / Ealyn
Artist | Student | Varied
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Hey there! Call me Cris! I am a writer and artist. Love fantasy, science fiction, and any type of art which usually excludes the everyday life. However, I love to meet new people so don't be shy and leave a comment if you want to!
My OCs are a very important part of myself, so don't mess up with them! ;)

[AA2] Ficha Sheziss Jones by Sapphyriah


EXP: 1140 | P.E: 1140 | $: 1300

[Empty] Rating Star Obj. Clave:

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Mapa Generacion by AA-FounderMapa de la Región

Videomisor Chica by AA-FounderVideoMisor.

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 -- Poción x1

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  • Listening to: Simon Curtis - Beat Drop
  • Reading: The Kill Order
  • Watching: Avatar
  • Playing: The Sims 4


V.E.E.N.E.L.. - The Revolution by Sapphyriah
V.E.E.N.E.L.. - The Revolution
Vitalik: ¡Hey, it looks like Layah's panties! Whatever.
The Veenel Revolution symbol- inspired by the Radioactive song I decided that they definetly needed one.
[GIFT] The Fantastic Five by Sapphyriah
[GIFT] The Fantastic Five
A bday gift that took forever... if I wasn't this busy I would've finshed in time... but HOWEVER it's done. Bday gift for a rl friend. She wanted me to draw her favourite characters from my stories, she mainly wanted fanservice so, what better situation than a trip to the beach to show off some muscles?
From left to right:

XY-48 Rave and Irwin Silver from V.E.E.N.E.L.
Frank Fyrnen from The New Dragonriders
And Percyval Nebula and Östen Kánelai from Darian Chronicles

They all (and the stories they come from) belong to me, Rave is also property of my friend; none can be used without the owner's permisison.

Pain by Sapphyriah
"Morpher was supposed to be a feelingless and merciless creature. Why, then, did I feel its pain so real?"

Super old sketch trying out Photoshop. Wanted to do something kind of more abstract so I used my shapeshifter OC, Morpher. I love this kind of characters who you keep asking yourself whether they're good, or bad, or what; if you love them or not.
I do love Morph a lot though! Even if it's a scary dude!
Inazuma Eleven Birthday list (updated 8/16/16) by Sapphyriah
Inazuma Eleven Birthday list (updated 8/16/16)
HUGE EDIT 6/19/2015: added all Go and Go Chrono Stone main characters + Inazuma Japan (Go)!

Please, read it all before asking! If you don't find someone, try ctrl+f to search their name.

Only a few are official - I invented the rest by random numbers.

Yes, they are some very near and some very far from the next but I made everything I could... I changed some birthdays, I just left others as they were...
Important: I'm sure you won't know anyone from Cristin untill the end so I have to say it: they're from my FanFiction! No pics of them yet. So here the list!

Picture made by :iconsapphyriah:

Official birthdays search and constant collaboration with me: :iconhitachiintwins1:

EDIT: Yeah I got the time to put them in order B)

Inazuma Eleven

Burt (Blood) Wolf/Burado (Blood) Kiba: 4th January

Adrian Speed/Chiita Suizenji: 31
st January

Syon Blaze/Masato Goenji: 2
nd February

Nigel August/Natsuhiko Netsuha (Nepten): 10th February

Shawn Frost/Fubuki Shirou: 24th February (official)

Nathan Swift/Ichirouta Kazemaru: 18th March

Jordan Greenway/Ryuuji Midoirikawa: 18
th March

Troy Moon/Kenichi Tsukimura (Wolfy): 19
th March

Mark Evans/Mamoru Endou: 20
th April

Byron Love/Afuro Terumi (Aphrodi): 24
th April (official)

Alexander (Grave) Brave/Yatsuhaka Tataru: 25th July

Bryce Withingale/Fuusuke Suzuno (Gazel): 8
th May

Axel Blaze/Shuuya Goenji: 23
rd May (official)
---Presents: by :iconraynef:

Dave Quagmire/Saginuma Osamu (Dvalin/Desarm): 27
th May (official)

Joseph King/Genda Koujirou: 29
th May
---Presents:… by :iconsapphyriah:

Caleb Stonewall/Akio Fudou: 4
th June

Jack Wallside/Heigoro Kabeyama: 24
th June

Claude Beacons/Haruya Nagumo (Torch/Burn): 30
th June (official)

Steve Eagle/Seiji Oowashi: 4
th July 

Sail Bluesea/Saiji Kirigakure: 5th July‚

Harley Kane/Jousuke Tsunami: 15
th July

Paolo Bianchi/Fidio Aldena: 16
th July
---Presents:… by :iconasukarose:

Johan Tassman/Hiroyuki Yuukoku (Talisman): 31
st July

Darren LaChance/Yuuki Tachimukai: 2
nd August

Héctor Helio/Rococco Urupa: 18
th August

Steve Grim / Handa Sinichi: 19th August

Austin Hobbes/Utsunomiya Toramaru: 1
st September

Scott (Scotty) Banyan/Yuuya Kogure: 10th September

Nathan Jones/Juuzou Nata (Mask): 20
th September

Percival Travis/Michiya Kudou: 30
th September

Jude Sharp/Yuuto Kidou: 5
th October (official)

Shadow Cimmerian/Kageto Yamino: 8
th October

Xavier Foster/Hiroto Kiyama: 23
rd October

Tod Ironside/Teppei Kurimatsu: 14
th November

Thor Stoutberg /Raiden Hijikata: 26
th November

David Samford/Jirou Sakuma: 21st December (official)

Archer Hawkins/Tobitaka Seiya: 26th December


Inazuma Eleven Go! 

Gabriel García / Kirino Ranmaru: 4th January (official)

Cherise Blosson/Sakura Nozaki: 27th January

Wanli ChangCheng (Wan-chang)/Daichi Amagi: 1st February

Wolfram Vulpeen/Garshya Wolfein: 5th February

Bai Long/Hakuryuu: 14th February

Zanark Avalonic/Zanak Avalonic: 20th February

Fei Rune/Fei Rune (same name): 22nd February

Aitor Cazador/Masaki Kariya: 1st March

Davy Jones / Rensuke Namikawa: 5th March

Mike/Einamu: 8th March

Michael Ballzack/Norihito Kurama: 10th March

Ví­ctor Blade/Kyosuke Tsurugi: 23rd March
---Presents: by :iconsapphyriah: by :iconraynef:

Clark von Wunderbar (Wonderbot)/Clark Wonderbot (Wandaba): 26th March

Doug McArthur/Atsushi Minamisawa: 2nd April

Desmodus Drakul/Vanfeny Vamp: 15th April

Trina Verdure/ Morimura Konoha: 19th April

Samguk Han/Taichi Sangoku: 1st May

Zippy Lerner/Manabe Jinichiro: 4th May

Tezcat/Shuu:14th May

Noviembre/Orca: 16th May

Falco Flashman/Matatagi Hayato: 30th May

Rosie Redd/Yamana Akane: 31st May

Flora/Fran: 1st June

Lucian Dark/Hikaru Kageyama: 2nd June

Gamma: 6th June

Keenan Sharpe/Minaho Kazuto: 11th June

Sor/Torb: 14th June

Jade Greene/Midori Seto: 16th June

Sol Daystar / Taiyou Amemiya: 19tth June

Beta: 22nd June

Adé (Adi) Kébé/Hamano Kaiji: 29th June

Terry Archibald/Ibuki Munemasa: 10th July

Goburis/Asta: 14th July

Arion Sherwind / Matsukaze Tenma: 29
th July

Eugene Peabody/Tsuramasa Hayami: 5th August

Jean-Pierre Lapin (JP)/Shinsuke Nishizono: 7th August

Goldie Lemmon/Kinako Nanobana: 13th August

Subaru Honda/Kurumada Gouichi: 7th October

Frank Foreman/ Tetsukado Shin: 7th October

Julieta/Reiza: 9th October

Alfa/Alpha: 18th October

Skie Blue/Sorano Aoi: 19th October

Riccardo di Rigo / Shindou Takuto: 21st October (official)

Hugues Baudet/Nanasuke Ichino: 7th November

Sterne/San: 13th November

Ryoma (Roma) Nishiki/Ryouma Nishiki: 22nd November

Shunsuke Aoyama (Shun)/Shunsuke Aoyama (not a mistake, it's the same name): 10th December

Vladimir Blade / Yuuichi Tsurugi: 21
st December

Simeon Ayp/Saryuu Evan: 31st December


Christian Géminis: 14th January

Jack Géminis: 14
th January

Spike Thorne: 4
th March

Haos (Victor Tyron):
 27th March

Rhionna Cysial (Ona): 19th April (she is an alive metallic android, so her birthday is unknown, but celebrated as the day she entered the team)

Percival Gare: 30th April

Marina Loiec: 18th June

Josh Loiec: 18th June

Anne Wolve: 7th July

Cristin Cab (also known as Ealyn or Sapphyriah ;P): 21st July

Darkness Nebula: 27
th August (official)

Percyval Nebula: 27th August

Nick Dar: 19
th November

Karen Bloödgharm: 11th December

FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions):

- What is this suposed to be for?
"First at all, just for fun, to say something like: hey, guess what! Today it is that player's birthday! or like: Hey! My best friend's birthday is the same as my favorite player!
It is also for answering easily to the annoying question: what can I draw today? This list can help you."

- I miss (player), could you add him/her, please, even if I don't have a birthday for him/her?
"No problem, just comment and I'll add him/her!"

- Let's see who do you add on (day)!
"Note me or comment and I'll see!"

- Can (player) have the birthday on (day), please?
"If he/she is already in the list, I'll see what can I do. If not, no problem! Just note me in the first case and note or comment in the second!"

- Your FanFiction? I like the names, where can I find it?
"Note me, and I'll send you the link (just to know how many people looks at it)."

- Can I request you a drawing of (player)?
"Note me!"

- Look! I made a present for (player)'s birthday!
"Really? Comment with the name of the player and the link, that way I'll go to the page easily. IT WILL BE FEATURED HERE."

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